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Flower lighting-up at Toneri-koen Park
Apr 5 - May 6, 2024

Toneri-koen park will be filled with Sakura cherry blossoms and Nemophila flowers.

Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association organizes this flower lighting-up event. Toneri-koen is one of Tokyo's metropolitan parks, located in the northern part of Tokyo 23 Words. This park has more than 1000 cherry trees, and a section with the trees will lighten up in the evening during the event. This year, 50000 Nemophila flowers will be there.

Toneri-koen Park
Toneri-koen Park (Photo provided by NEWSCAST)

Toneri parktAn image of the Nemophila flower bed. (Image provided by NEWSCAST)

Sakura at Toneri park in the evening (Photo provided by NEWSCAST)

Flower and Light movement

April 5th(Fri) - May 6th(Mon) 2024
Location: Toneri-koen Park, Adachi City, Tokyo

Event info (for 2023) by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

About Toneri-koen Park by Tokyo Metropolitan Government (PDF) https://www.kensetsu.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/content/000007609.pdf

Getting there
From Nippori or Nishinippori Station, take the Toneri Liner train (20-min ride) and get off at Toneri-koen station 舎人公園. The park entrances are just in front of the station.