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Sato-Kagura Cultural Entertainment Experience in Kawagoe | Apr. 26, 2024 (4th Friday of every month)

Come hang out with us in Kawagoe for a night you won't forget!
Held in Kawagoe's historic neighborhood, this experiential program is an opportunity to witness traditional entertainment called "Sato-Kagura" up close.

Experience Sato-Kagura, the true origin of Japanese "sub-culture"

Umebachikai, a group of Sato-Kagura performers in Kawagoe, offers this special hands-on experience to learn all about Sato-Kagura: Watching the play, dancing together with performers, and drinking together, being like a social event to make friends. Don't worry about language problems. ARIYA, the super entertainer who is a goodwill ambassador of Kawagoe City, will be your English guide.

What's Kagura?, and the Sato-Kagura?

Kagura is a traditional Japanese performing art with the oldest history among the folk performing arts. Kagura was initially performed to appease the spirits of the gods and was a dance dedicated to them. Sato-Kagura is a form of Kagura, which locals in Old Tokyo have handed down as folk entertainment. Compared to the conventional performance of Kagura, Sato-kagura is in a casual, fun-like style with humor, which Tokyoites favored.

Sato-Kagura Group Umebachikai

Sato-Kagura Cultural Entertainment Experience in Kawagoe

Enjoy watching, dancing, and toasting up with the performers

4th Friday of every month

The schedule may vary during the busy season.

Location: Kawagoe Historic District in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

The participation fee will be 12000 JPY/person
The fee includes a locally-brewed sake or a soft drink

Minimum number of participants: 2 people
Minimum number of applicants: 1 person

To find more information about the program, including booking conditions, and fees, contact ARIYA Corporation.

ARIYA Corporation

Getting to Kawagoe
From Seibu Shinjuku Station
Take an express train (Tokkyu or Kyuko Express) bound for Hon-Kawagoe Station. (About 60 min)

From Tobu Ikebukuro Station
Take an express train (Kyuko Express) bound for Kawagoe Station. (About 30 min)

From JR Omiya Station
Take the Saikyo Line train (Kaisoku Express) bound for Kawagoe Station (About 23 min)