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Kiku Flower (Chrysanthemum) Festival at Takahatafudo Temple | Oct. 28 - Nov.17. 2023

Takahata-fudo temple annually holds various flower festivals. This flower festival of Kiku or chrysanthemum is the largest in Tama area of Tokyo, displays many different types of Kiku flowers.

Built in 701, the temple "Takahata-fudoson Kongoji Temple", called Takahata-fudo in short,  holds monthly events as well as seasonal flower festivals., such as an antique market on the third Sunday of every month. The hill behind the temple has a path allowing visitors to have a one-hour forest walking. 

Kiku Flower at Takahatafudo Temple
高幡不動尊金剛寺 菊祭り

Mid. October (Oct. 28 - Nov.17. 2023)
Location: Takahata-fudo, Hino City, Tokyo

Getting there
From Shinjuku Keio Station 京王新宿駅 take a train bound for Keio Hachioji 京王八王子 and get off at Takahata-fudo Station 高幡不動. (About a 30-min ride)
3-min walk from the Takahata-fudo Station.

Takahata-fudo  Kongoji Temple Official Website (Japanese website)