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Kite Market at Oji-inari Shrine | Feb. 5 and 17, 2024

The traditional kite market has a long history dating back to the Edo period. The highlight of the market is the food stalls that line the street leading to the shrine from Oji Station.

The origin of the kite market
Fire accidents were a major concern during the Edo period (1603-1868), especially for those living in wooden houses in old Tokyo towns. To prevent fires caused by blowing winds, people believed that kites could act as a lucky charm and cut off the wind.

Tako-ichi Kite Market at Oji-inari Shrine
王子稲荷神社 凧市

February 5th(Mon) and 17th(Sat) 2024

Venue: Oji Inari-jinja Shrine, Oji town, Tokyo

Getting there
5-min walk from JR Oji Station (North Exit) on the Keihin Tohoku Line

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