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Poppy festival in Konosu city
May 11 - 19, 2024

Home to Japan's largest poppy field (12.5 hectares), Konosu holds this local event during the flower season.

Poppy festival in Konosu city

May 11th (Sat)- 19th(Sun) 2024

Konosu City in Saitama prefecture holds this flower festival to promote the city as a town of flowers. During the festival, various events will take place throughout the city, including the Mamuro Site (Poppy Happy Square), home to Japan's largest poppy field (12.5 hectares); Fukiage Cosmos Arena, and Kawasato community halls & facilities.

The easiest-to-get event site (flower field) is Mamuro Site along the riverbank, about 2.3km from JR Konosu station 鴻巣駅, which will be a 30-min walk.

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