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Jindaiji Sakura Festival Photo provided by NEWSCAST

Spring Sakura Festival at Jindai Botanical Gardens | Mar. 23 - Apr. 7, 2024

Experience the beauty of spring amidst Sakura blossoms. Special events will take place during this festival, such as music performances and food trucks.

The Jindai Botanical Gardens have 750 Sakura trees in 50 different varieties.

The Jindai Botanical Gardens is next to Jindaiji temple, another tourist attraction in Chofu, famous for Soba noodle restaurants in the front approach.

Spring Sakura Festival at Jindai Botanical Gardens

May 23rd(Sat) - April 7th(Sun) 2024

Location: Jindai Botanical Gardens, Jindaiji, Tokyo

500 JPY/adult
250 JPY/65 years old or older
200/Junior high student

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