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Flea Market in Setagaya (Boroichi Market) | Dec.15-16. 2023

A traditional market with a history of over 400 years, more than 700 stalls line in the streets. There is the Daikan-yashiki 代官屋敷, a former residence of the local governor (Samurai house) near the marketplace.

Flea Market in Setagaya (Boroichi Market)

December 15th(Fri) and 16th(Sat) 2023
Location: Kamimachi,  Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

YouTube by Nobuting : http://youtu.be/7ci6Xme5dn4

Google Maps : Daikan-yashiki https://goo.gl/maps/SNmMk

Getting there
From Sangenjaya station 三軒茶屋駅, take the Setagaya-sen Train on the Tokyu Railway 東急世田谷線 and get off at Kamimachi Station 上町駅
0-min walk from the station

*Sangenjaya Station is reachable from Shibuya Station by Tokyu Denentoshi-sen Train 東急田園都市線 (4-min ride)
*From Shibuya to Kamimachi station, a bus service is also available. The bus departs from the bus terminal at JR Shibuya Station West Exit. (Tokyu Bus No.21 or No.23)