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Tokaichi Market at Hikawa Shrine (Daitosai Festival) | Dec. 10. 2023

A large, traditional market held at a historic shrine in Omiya

From the end of November to the 11th of December, a series of shrine rituals is held at Hikawa-jinja Shrine in Omiya, one of the largest shrine in Saitama prefecture. On 10th of December, a traditional market called Tokaichi (means "the market on 10th" in Japanese) is annually held at the shrine where many stalls will line on the street.

Tokaichi Market at Hikawa Shrine (Daitosai Festival)
大湯祭(十日市) 大宮氷川神社

Date: December 10th(Sun) 2023
Location: Omiya, Saitama prefecture

YouTube by Nonbirishimasho

Information by Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau

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