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Ryogoku Sumo Town and the Edo Tokyo Museum

Autumn Smo Tournament takes place in Ryogoku, Tokyo for two weeks from Sep.8 to 22.

Autumn viewing in Hachimantai

Coming to Iwate for a rugby match? Hachimantai is a resort accessible from Morioka in Iwate prefecture. The autumn viewing in Hachimantai will be at its best in late September.

Hiking in Nikko Area

Autumn is the best season to visit Nikko, and the busiest time begins in late September.

Yatsugatake Mountains and Kobuchizawa Resort Town

Yatsugatake is a mountain range situated in the central region of Japan’s main island, famous for the alpine belt “Japan Alps” consisting of mountains higher than 3000 meters.

Attractions in Western Izu (Nishi Izu Area )

The western area on Izu peninsula has lovely little beaches along the rias coastline, having Bonsai-like tiny islands.

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