digi-joho Japan: TOKYO TRAVEL

Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, Tokyo
Visitors are to purchase a timed-entry ticket online in advance


Fukuroda Falls in Autumn

The cascade water elegantly runs through among colorful trees.
Location: Ibaraki Prefecture
Best viewing season: Around mid. November

Hikage Onsen Hot Springs

A long-established, stylish Japanese inn with authentic hot springs, tucked away in the mountains.

Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition | Nov.1-23. 2020

Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition will take place in Hibiya Park near Imperial Palace, a tourist spot in Tokyo. This open-air exhibition is admission free.

Torinoichi Market at Otori-jinja Shrines | Nov.2, 14 & 26. 2020

Torinoichi Fair 酉の市 is an open-air market selling lucky charms called Kumade. It's been said that the Kumade bring people good fortunes and protect from misfortunes.

The Torinoichi markets in 2020 may be canceled depending on the situation of COVID-19 and the prevention measures.

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