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Jindaiji and Jindai botanical gardens

Rose festival takes place at Jindai botanical gardens in Autumn.

Todoroki Keikoku (Valley)

Here's a good place for a day of forest walking.

Tokyo Day Hikes: Mt. Mitake, Ome Town and Akigawa Valley

Explore the western part of Tokyo by going on a hiking adventure.

Yatsugatake Mountains and Kobuchizawa Resort Town

Yatsugatake is a mountain range situated in the central region of Japan’s main island, famous for the alpine belt “Japan Alps” consisting of mountains higher than 3000 meters.

Attractions in Western Izu (Nishi Izu Area ) - Area C

The west side of Izu peninsula has lovely little beaches along the rias coastline, having Bonsai-like tiny islands

Shiobara Hot Springs Village, the perfect place for detox and spiritual refreshment

Location : Tochigi prefecture, Greater Tokyo
Category : Trips & Tours, Leisure activities
Shiobara Onsen Hot Springs Village is one of Onsen resorts in the Nasu area, boasts its natural surroundings and offers outdoor activities, including bushwalking along the clear stream in the valley..

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