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Attractions in eastern Mt.Fuji area - Mt. Minobusan and Kuonji Temple

If you wish to explore the Mt. Fuji area and experience something traditional with a tranquil atmosphere, your choice may be the Kuonji temple in Mt.Minobusan.

Autumn viewing in Hachimantai

Coming to Iwate for a rugby match? Hachimantai is a resort accessible from Morioka in Iwate prefecture. The autumn viewing in Hachimantai will be at its best in late September.

Ushiku Daibtutsu, the world's tallest statue of Buddha

The cosmos flower in the garden will be at best around late October.

Hiking in Nikko Area

Autumn is the best season to visit Nikko, and the busiest time begins in late September.

Nasu Shiobara Hot Springs Village

Autumn is the best season for forest walking in the Nasu area.

Attractions in Western Izu (Nishi Izu Area )

The western area on Izu peninsula has lovely little beaches along the rias coastline, having Bonsai-like tiny islands.

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